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Tony has worked as a lawyer since 1984 after graduating with law and commerce degrees in 1993.

Tony is passionate about gaining compensation for people who suffer personal injury.  He is an accredited personal injuries specialist – one of only 136 in Victoria as at April, 2018.

Tony worked as a barrister in Melbourne before moving to Warrnambool in 1993.  Before establishing Brown McComish Solicitors he worked as a senior associate at Stringer Clark.

Tony understands the stresses which flow from being injured.  Dealing with the WorkSafe injurers and TAC can be literally like walking through a minefield.

In addition to dealing with pain and at times extensive medical treatment, injured people face considerable financial, social and family pressures which can lead to depression and despair.  This is where Tony can assist in obtaining compensation and assist injured people deal with insurers and the compensation system in general.

Before becoming a lawyer Tony worked in a variety of labouring jobs so understands how easy it is to suffer an injury and how difficult it can be getting back to work.

Tony is an avid cricket fan and is currently the Treasurer and a Board Member of the Warrnambool District Cricket Association. Tony has also worked in a number of other roles giving back to the Warrnambool Community.  This includes stints on the Warrnambool College Council (including two as president) and on the board of the Yulung (now Vantage).

Tony also enjoys photography, gardening, cooking, walking, all sport, travel, music and relaxing with a good book or in front of the big screen.

Tony and Pat established Brown McComish Solicitors in 2005.  Tony is very proud of the clients he has assisted, particularly where the cases were difficult.  At Brown McComish Solicitors your case will be handled by an experienced lawyer.

Tony also has an extensive practice in Wills and Estates, Family Law, Contested Will Claims and General and Commercial Litigation.

His office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday.