We are happy assist in relation to all aspects of the criminal law such as:

  • Applying for legal aid;
  • Whether to participate in a record of interview or exercise the right to remain silent;
  • Advising clients held in custody;
  • Making a bail application;
  • The options available in relation to whether a guilty plea should be entered or the matter contested;
  • Whether an appeal should be lodged.

We provide a free first interview. You will be informed about the costs involved at that time. As a member firm of the Victoria Legal Aid Summary and Indictable Crime Panels, we shall also advise you about your eligibity to receive legal aid and assist you in completing a Legal Aid application.

Police prosecutions are extremely distressing for the person charged and their family members. Experienced, efficient, and cost effect representation will assist you through the ordeal.

Pat McComish has extensive experience in indictable and summary criminal matters and 0.05 and traffic matters. He regularly appears as a solicitor advocate in both the County and Magistrate’s courts. Pat has established links with experienced barristers who are happy to provide advice and assistance. With the assistance of Matt Pitkin and Nicole Brodie your criminal matter will be handled with respect and dedication.

If you are charged by the police act quickly as delay can be detrimental.
We are dedicated criminal defence solicitors who are available to provide initial advice.

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

If you have been a victim of a crime we can help you to obtain financial assistance which you are entitled to through the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT). This includes expenses incurred as a direct result of the crime. We will guide you through the application process and should your claim require a court attendance we are happy to appear on your behalf.

We are also happy to appeal determinations from the Tribunal to VCAT should the merits of your claim exceed the amount entitled.

VOCAT is a scheme which grants financial assistance to victims of crime. These are people who have been a primary, secondary or related victim of a crime and have suffered an injury, either physical or psychological, however does not include property damage. This assistance includes reasonable counselling and medical expenses, safety and security, loss of earnings, funeral costs and other expenses to assist with recovery.

VOCAT may also grant ‘special financial assistance’ to primary victims for pain and suffering.

Reasonable legal costs in making an application are usually covered by VOCAT.

Intervention Orders


If you have been affected by family violence or are concerned for your safety we can help to make applications to the Magistrates’ Court for Family Violence and Personal Safety Intervention Orders. If these applications are disputed then we will assist you to negotiate and explain the court process as well as to settle these disputes in a way which is in line with your wishes.


If you have been served with a Family Violence Safety Notice or an Application and would like some advice on how to respond we are able to help. We can also appear on your behalf in the Magistrates’ Court to contest the terms of an intervention order which may be detrimental. We will attempt to negotiate the terms of these orders and to resolve them in a way that will not limit your daily life in a way which is cost effective to you.

Interventions orders can be a stressful and confusing process. We will help to make this as comfortable and comprehensive as possible


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